Casino Cashback Bonuses in Canada 2022


Credit cardholders are familiar with “cashback”, and most of them will agree that returning some cash is an excellent way to encourage customers to use their credit cards. Cashback bonuses work on a similar principle. For example, online casinos offer customers a certain percentage of their lost money.

For example, if a player in an online casino has bet $100 during a calendar month and has not won anything, he will receive a certain percentage. The cashback bonus allows players to enjoy the game and obtain a portion of the loss back.

What is a Cashback Casino Bonus?

Unlike welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, loyalty bonuses, and reload bonuses, cashback bonus is based on wagering bets that have been made in the past. It means that players do not need to deposit to receive their cashback bonus.

Bonuses are the basis of casino marketing. They allow you to attract new users, encourage activity, and maintain a constant interest in the game. Players increase their bankroll and can win more money due to such gifts.

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Casino’s most standard and well-known gifts are a bonus for the deposit, free spins, and rewards within loyalty programs. But in fact, there are also rarer bonuses, which are not known to all users.

Recently, accrual of cashback bonuses under loyalty programs has become a trend. The casino returns part of bets, such as a bonus from lost money. Usually, a cashback bonus is tied to the loyalty system and provides a set of points. It is a kind of compensation from casinos for users who were not very lucky in a separate period.

You can create a cashback bonus only in a specific time range (week or month) or for a separate set of games (Microgaming slot machines, roulette).

How Does Casino Cashback Bonus Work?

To refund lost money, you need to make an appropriate request through your account. After certain conditions are met, funds will return to report. You can continue playing in live mode using received cashback, even without attachments. These funds are available for betting, and you can use them to play on any slot machine.

In some casinos, a cashback bonus is part of the list of privileges for customers. However, such a refund is only available for players with a specific status.

Types of Cashback Casino Bonuses

Online casino gambling sites offer different types of cashback. Such a refund is available to customers through official websites or alternative online mirrors of gambling clubs.

There are two main types of cashback, description of which is evident even to beginners:

  1. Cashback bonus by several bets. If a player has placed a certain number of chances for a certain amount, systems will refund part of the money. For example, when $1,000 rounds are held, then with a cashback bonus of 6%, the client will receive $ 60 back.
  2. Cashback bonus by the size of deposits. When a visitor to a gaming club deposits a certain amount of funds for a specified period, he can get back part of this amount. For example, if $ 145 was transferred during a week, with a cashback rate of 7%, a system will refund $10 to him.

According to the type of accrual, cashback happens:

  1. Deposits. In this case, the player receives a certain percentage of promises for a particular period. The net amount of warranties is not considered. But the difference between the amount is replenished and withdrawn. For example, after making deposits of $1,000 during the week and withdrawing $300, cashback will be considered from $700;
  2. From lost funds. Such cashback is considered from the client’s net losses for a certain period. The calculation formula is always about the same: Deposits – Reifens – Money on balance;
  3. From completed bets. It is issued depending on the expected profit of online casinos and is calculated using more complex formulas based on the RTP of slot machines.

The cashback bonus amount is calculated based on the total amount that the player left in the institution. The second parameter becomes a certain percentage, stipulated in advance by the promotion rules.

It may depend on different criteria:

  • User Status.
  • Client Activity.
  • The amount of loss and so on.

For example, casinos return 15% weekly. The player deposited one thousand dollars, and he had nine hundred dollars left on balance by the end of the week. He is entitled to following amount of payment: (1000 – 900)*15% = $15.

The basic principle of cashback bonus was not invented in gambling. However, it has been used in the banking industry for many decades. Some well-known banks have made their main “chip” favourable cashback conditions, attracting numerous customers. But cashback at casinos is different from this offer in the financial sphere.

In banks, people are rewarded for using plastic cards and performing other operations. As a result, they do not lose money but spend it on goods and services. Therefore, the cashback bonus becomes a pleasant addition and an incentive to continue cooperation with institutions.
In casinos, players who are unlucky lose their funds. Yes, they had fun and impressions, but these emotions are hardly optimistic. A cashback bonus is a consolation and an opportunity to gamble further.

In other words, in a bank, a cashback bonus is a tool for earning money, and in a casino, it is a way to partially insure against a complete bankroll loss.

Casino cashback bonuses appeared in the gambling business before Internet gambling. Many real casinos have returned some lost money to customers long ago. This practice has survived, although it cannot be called very common. However, this offer usually applies only to VIPs offline, and this promotion is often valid online, even for beginners.

How to Claim Casino Cashback Bonus?

Online clubs offer a vast range of slot machines from the world’s leading manufacturers, exciting tournaments and lotteries, and good incentives. One of the most favourites presents for players is cashback because it helps not go negative. As a rule, top online casinos return from 10% to 20% of lost money. A gift is credited once a week. To get it, a gambler needs to:

  • create an account in a virtual institution;
  • pass verification;
  • make a deposit (sometimes you may specify a certain amount in conditions);
  • go into the accounting period.

The size of the wager depends on the casino, or it may not exist at all. You can use the returned money to play slot machines.

What to Look Out for When Using the Cashback Bonus?

For many customers, the casino cashback bonus becomes an addition to other services of the institution. As a rule, players are attracted by other bonuses, various promotions, a generous selection of games and additional features available. Few people register in an online casino with thoughts of returning some lost money. Most users are set to win.

If you are pragmatic and evaluate the gambling portal by all criteria, here are some tips on choosing the optimal cashback.

  • Interest rate – What part of the loss is returned by the casino: 5%, 10%, 15% or 20%? Of course, the more, the better.
  • Maximum size – Are there limits on the amount of casino cashback bonus? Ideally, they should not be.
  • Availability – Who gets casino cashback bonus: all clients or only VIPs? Ask if you can participate in the promotion.
  • Territorial restrictions: Do casinos refuse cashback to residents of certain countries? This practice is not uncommon in online gambling.
  • Accrual frequency – When can I receive cashback casino: weekly or every day once a month? Make sure that you are satisfied with the proposed option.
  • The need for wagering – In what format are funds credited? It is better if with money. It’s worse if there are bonuses that need to be wagered.
  • In the fine print, do not forget to carefully study all promotion rules to not stumble upon pitfalls later.
  • Feel free to ask support representatives. Let them explain all nuances not sufficiently covered in the user agreement. It will help to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

In general, all you need to do is read before registering the rules for the maximum amount for withdrawal. Then, check out the size of the wager – turnover that you will need to make when wagering the bonus. Next, check the license and read player reviews.

Finally, make sure that the site has SSL encryption. And remember that the bonus is not real money, but a kind of points that give you an additional chance to win.

Standard Bonus Vs Cashback Bonus

The standard bonus is issued upon registration. It is intended for visitors who have just registered at an institution. The accrual of introductory bonuses can occur in various ways, which depend solely on the advertising policy of each casino. Almost all casinos offer standard bonuses.

Cashback bonus online casinos are not found in all casinos. Instead, it is paid as compensation to the losing clients, and its amount is usually some part of the loss.

It is a kind of compensation with which the casino encourages its customers who are unlucky during the game. In addition, a cashback casino bonus is issued to users already registered in the system.

Systems can reward refund bonuses to players who have regularly lost a certain amount in the week or month. Often, such rewards are available only to fans of certain games, or you can obtain them only at a set time.

Cashback Bonuses Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements for each category of games are different. For example, 100% is counted when playing slots in the “Tables” section – only 10%. If the value of the bet is equal to the value of the win, board games are also not taken into account. Video poker, Live Casino and other gambling entertainment are not suitable for wagering.

Sports betting is ideal if a player chooses an event with a coefficient of 1.5. In a system bet, this rule applies to each selected outcome. If these conditions are not considered, 0% of wagering will count from sports betting.

Bets of no more than 5 euros are taken into account for wagering. When a player bets higher, such spins are not taken into account. If there is $0.3 or less remaining in the bonus account, the bonus is considered completed. You can refuse a bonus offer.

The system calculates the amount of debiting from the history and balance of funds. Gambler confirms the operation. There are no restrictions on the amount of cashback received: if a client is actively playing, he can receive a 5% refund every month. Many large online casinos determine return percentage and do not limit payout amount. However, the operator is interested in losing as much as possible and is ready to encourage this.

Sometimes maximum limits are set, which is especially important for high rollers. If you will play for large bets, immediately clarify this point.

What is the Expiration Date of the Cashback Bonus?

Different casinos have different expiration dates. For example, it can be 72 hours or one week. Therefore, it is better to clarify this in the rules section.


  • If you lose, you can return some of the money.
  • No need to look for new bonus offers. Cashback can give you a particular advantage.
  • You can use cashback refunds for games on any slot machines
  • Many casinos have simple requirements for cashback.
  • You can endlessly play games and get cashback.


  • Most sites offer this cashback for a limited time.
  • Not all casinos provide cashback to their customers.

Our Verdict

Many online casinos have returned to producing some of the lost money to customers in recent years. In some establishments, such promotions are valid for all users. However, cashback is available only to high rollers or players with high statuses on other sites.

It’s no secret that there are a wide variety of bonuses in online casinos. Some of them are so common that any more or less reputable institution is obliged to offer them to its customers, for example, who will take a casino seriously without a first deposit bonus or any of its analogues.

But not all casinos offer cashback. The fact is that casinos do not give bonuses to players out of a desire to make them feel good and not only because competition requires it. A well-built bonus program stimulates the desire of customers to play. Most bonuses are arranged so that the player is forced to place bets to win them back and turn them into real money. While he wins the prize, he may lose part of his deposit.

Moreover, the bulk of current bonuses does not represent a good offer for players. But we will not dwell on this topic in detail again because we have already considered it in a particular article.

The bonus for returning lost money is based on bets already made, so it becomes unprofitable for casinos.
A client receives back part of the money already lost, and he no longer needs to replenish his gaming account.

He may well lose this bonus in wagering, but this does not always happen, and casinos do not want to take risks. It turns out that the casino risks losing additionally, but it cannot win even theoretically. Of course, you can force players to make a new deposit to get cashback.

As mentioned above, this bonus is rarely provided for ordinary online casino players. It is often available to VIP persons in whom the institution is particularly interested. However, the cashback bonus has not yet passed into legends and myths, and you can find it.

There are fewer and fewer good bonuses and exciting promotions in online casinos, but they still happen. So follow our publications always to be aware of all the best in the fascinating world of online gambling.

We recommend selecting online casino bonuses from the top 10 of our portal. Many of them delight users not only with cashback but also with other exciting and profitable promotions.


💸 What is a Cashback bonus?

It is a refund of part of losing. The amount of cashback, accrual frequency, and other nuances of rules depend on the casino's bonus policy.

💸 How do I get a cashback bonus at an online casino?

You need to spend money on casino games to get a cashback bonus. Then, if you lose, you get cashback.

💸 What are the best Canadian casino sites with cashback?

Among such casinos are casino "Nostalgia", casino "Rocket", casino "Goodman", and casino "Kingdom".

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